American Hemp Oil, The Company that Really Cares

In 2016, before the Hemp Oil explosion began, Kendall Jackson discovered the compound in search of a safe and effective solution to the many ailments faced by his family and friends. Kendall witnessed those around him struggling to find relief from chronic pain, addiction, depression and more. He became frustrated by the lack of natural alternatives to the dangerous prescription drugs that were being prescribed to them and set out to find another answer.

The Pursuit of Complete Transparency

American Hemp

During his search for natural alternatives, Kendall heard about Hemp Oil from a close friend who told him about how it had completely eliminated his dog’s seizures. Intrigued by this information, Kendall purchased a bottle of oil online and decided to try it himself. It was at this time that Kendall discovered another challenge. He found out the hard way that most hemp oil online isn’t exactly what it claims to be. After further research, he found that the best way to ensure the Oil he was taking was absolutely pure and of the highest quality would be to manufacture it himself. After months of trial and error, Kendall developed a product that he felt comfortable giving to his family and friends to try.

The response was incredible; nearly everyone who received Kendall’s first batch of Oil reported improvements in pain management, mental health, sleep quality, and more! Overwhelmed by the positive feedback, Kendall felt an obligation to share his oil with the world and serve as a hemp products company that people can trust.

American Made Quality

Hemp Oil

Today, American Hemp Oil places the same emphasis on quality as they did on day one and have successfully achieved their mission of bringing safe and effective hemp products to the masses at an affordable price. Their website now offers Oils, Capsules, Creams, and Oils for Pets. The company’s recent price slash places them amongst the most affordable hemp oil companies in the world and further reinforces the idea that American Hemp Oil is in it for their customers.

Furthermore, this month the company announced that all active and retired military, teachers, students, police officers, and first responders are eligible for a 15% OFF lifetime discount on

For those looking for a great company with all American values, American Hemp Oil is one you can trust. For a full review of American Hemp Oil Products, Exclusive Discounts and more information, click below!



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