Pure Relief

What is Pure Relief?

Pure Relief is a manufacturer and retailer of naturally-derived products made with cannabidiol extract from industrial hemp. The company is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and provides some of the most innovative hemp products on the market.



What makes Pure Relief unique?

Pure Relief’s diverse product line sets it apart from other hemp brands on the market. Their unique product line includes hemp oils, edibles, vape pens, pre-rolls, raw hemp flower, one of the best hemp creams around, and even hemp pet products. Pure Relief’s modern, minimal, and abstract packaging and design also sets them apart in terms of branding from other leading brands.

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Pure Relief

Quality (and transparency)

The company’s mission is to offer the best hemp-derived products online to users nationwide. According to Pure Relief, all of their hemp oil is pharmacist-formulated and contains all-natural ingredients, meeting all industry standards.

And, for those users who like to know where their hemp oil is coming from, Pure Relief’s industrial hemp is extracted and cultivated in Colorado. The Co2 extraction method they use falls in line with the industry standard for safe and clean products, proving to be a trustworthy source for all hemp-related products.

When testing the hemp oil, we found excellent viscosity, texture, and consistency in the oil. The lab reports from third-party testing are also readily accessible for any product on the website through the product pages.

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In comparison to other leading hemp brands on the market, Pure Relief is fairly priced across the board for the value. They even offer a starter kit bundle, which includes their Extra Strength 5000 MG hemp oil and hemp Muscle and Joint Cream for pain for a discounted price of $200. The diverse product selection makes Pure Relief a go-to brand for people who are new to hemp because of its variety, affordability, and effectiveness.

A more in-depth price breakdown of Pure Relief’s Pure Hemp Extra Strength hemp Oil:
2500 MG | Price: $130 | $0.052 per MG
5000 MG | Price: $215 | $0.043 per MG

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When it comes to flavor, Pure Relief is hard to beat. Unlike other hemp brands whose oils leave a lingering hemp aftertaste in your mouth, Pure Relief’s light, pleasant, and natural flavor is consistent across all of their products, especially the oils. Pure Relief is also one of the only hemp brands that offer hemp vape pens in three different flavors.

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Customer Service

If you visit the Pure Relief website on any given day, you will find that their customer service representatives are quick to answer any questions you might have. The average time for a response on the live chat is approximately two minutes.

They also have a helpful FAQ page where you can get your basic hemp questions answered. Unlike many company websites these days, Pure Relief provides a direct line where they can be reached for any customer services-related inquiries. So, whether or not they’re your hemp brand of choice, Pure Relief is readily available to answer your questions about both the industry and the Pure Relief brand.

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Our Pure Relief Rating

Pure Relief
Asset 6 Asset 6 Asset 6 Asset 6 Asset 5

Pure Relief Detailed Rating

Quality 5 / 5

Price 5 / 5

Flavor 5 / 5

Customer Service 5 / 5

Pure Relief Pros

  • A unique range of products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Third-party testing

Pure Relief Cons

  • No free shipping
  • No overnight shipping
  • Hemp not yet approved by FDA

Pure Relief Customer Ratings

I'm very pleased with Pure Relief. I recommend their products to everyone. I couldn't afford to pay the $175 my local hemp store is charging for 1,000 mg hemp oil. Pure Relief has a better product and it is priced around $80! Pure Relief's hemp oil has literally saved my life.

Timothy U.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

After suffering from RA since 2008 with injections, pain meds, infusion's hemp products from Pure Relief has enabled me to stop the pain meds and have a better life.

James T.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I use twice the dosage for the gummies, but they definitely have helped me sleep better at night.

Vicky F.

★ ★ ★ ★

Amazing benefits for anxiety and muscle aches. The best hemp salve I’ve tried so far.

Nicholas G.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Pure Relief Collections

E-Hemp Pens

Pure Relief’s disposable E-Hemp Pens come in three different flavors: gelato, super lemon haze, and tangie. These 200 mg hemp pens come prefilled and allow for approximately 80 inhalations. They contain natural flavonoids and terpenes found in the three different strains but are extracted from hemp cultivars with undetectable levels of THC.

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Hemp Edibles

Pure Relief offers cannabidiol gummy bears for both daytime and nighttime relief. The daytime gummies are said to help with anxiety throughout the day. The nighttime gummy bears contain 5mg of melatonin to help you doze off and get a good night’s sleep. Each pack comes with 30 assorted fruit-flavored gummies.

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Hemp Oils

Pure Relief sells four variations of hemp oils, each with two different strengths. If you’re a fan of mint, you can try their Pure Mint Full Strength hemp oil. The line of oils also includes a hemp oil specially crafted for pets, in which the lavender is removed, making it safe for all pets worldwide. All oils are infused with several all-natural cannabinoids found in hemp extract and contain less than 0.3% THC.

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Hemp Topical

Pure Relief’s Pure Hemp 500 mg hemp Muscle & Joint Cream is known among many customers for treating soreness and discomfort. The company describes this product as, “the perfect combination of ancient healing and modern science.” We recommend giving this cream a try if you are looking for instant relief in your muscles and joints.

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Raw Hemp Flower

Pure Relief’s Raw Hemp Flower collection is what differentiates them the most from competitors. You can purchase Raw Hemp hemp Flower right from the website. Choose between six different strain-specific options with unique flavor profiles. Within this collection, Pure Relief also sells relief rolls for just $12.00. The newest product in this collection is the Palmwoods by Pure Relief; featuring hemp-rich hemp flower, hand-rolled into palm leaves, dipped in wax, then rolled in kief. Enjoy all the soothing benefits of hemp in a new format!

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