Why Your Mindset Matters As Much As Your Pre-Workout

Takeaway: Mindset is important. Remaining positive, having a “can do” attitude, and not letting obstacles become impossibilities- all these things contribute towards success. This is true in all aspects of life, not just exercise.

The Importance of Your Mindset in Everyday Life

Mindset is important. Remaining positive, having a “can do” attitude, and not letting obstacles become impossibilities- all these things contribute towards success. This is true in all aspects of life, not just exercise.

Think about those days when you need to go to work, but you just feel a little under the weather, or your motivation is low. Do you give in and stay in bed? Sometimes, maybe. But, I bet that most days, you pick yourself up and make yourself ready to face the day. This could be by having a cup of coffee, talking to a friend, or listening to upbeat music.

Indulging in things that you enjoy alters the way you feel and think. Coffee stimulates. Friendship soothes. Music excites or calms, depending on the genre and individual. Once you’re in the right mindset, you feel like you can do anything. The same is true of working out.

How to Get Into the Right Mindset to Exercise

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There are several ways to get into the right mindset to exercise. These may change depending on the type of person you are. See if any of these work for you:

  • Find a gym buddy
  • Set goals that you’re excited to achieve
  • Eat well, eat healthily, and eat more on days with a workout
  • Do exercise that you enjoy and look forward to
  • Use an app to track your progress- a visual log of achievement can be rewarding
  • Exercise somewhere beautiful- a favorite park, the beach, or the garden
  • Try meditation, either directly before exercise or on alternating days
  • Do yoga and learn beneficial breathing and mindfulness techniques

Some of these may really resonate with you, while others might make you roll your eyes. That’s cool. Your exercise regime is all about finding what works for you.

The important thing is not to go into exercise feeling like it’s a chore you have to do. You want your workout to be something you look forward to, not dread. If you find you’re starting to get ‘exercise fear;’ change it up. Do something different.

If running doesn’t make you feel happy, go swimming instead, or try step aerobics. If lifting weights becomes dull, try pull-ups or planks for strength training. Find a sense of joy in seeing how far your body can go, and revel in how amazing it is.

Five Ways to Improve Your Mindset and Stay Active

One of the keys to a healthy life is staying active. One of the others is maintaining great mental health. It’s easy to see how body and mind work so well together, and how keeping one healthy promotes the health of the other. Here are five ways to improve your mindset and keep yourself active and healthy.

Avoid Exercising While Tired

When you are dog tired, your mind starts to shut down, and any physical activity can seem like a real slog. Exercise is designed to make you feel tired, but with a sense of reward and satisfaction. You should not feel exhausted or strung out. Starting a workout when you’re already running on fumes is likely to leave you feeling exactly like that.

Try Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the art of living in the moment. We spend so long focusing on what comes next- the future, bills, tomorrow’s work, the next time family visits- that we sometimes forget to enjoy what’s happening right now. It’s hard to focus on a workout when your head is full of worries.

Learning mindfulness techniques can be a simple yet effective way to re-learn the skill we all had as kids- how to live in the now. These techniques include noticing sights, smells, and sounds around you and focusing on them. There are also meditative techniques such as learning to let stressful thoughts go and to take time to fully relax body and mind.

Be Kind to Yourself

You probably hear this a lot. That’s because it’s good advice. You don’t need to be going at life 100% all the time. That’s how you achieve burnout. Keeping active is easier when the mind and body are regularly rested.

Take a break. Enjoy a favorite food. Read a great book. Binge watch something cool on TV. Have a pamper day or night. Buy yourself that gift you’ve been wanting, whether it’s a new watch or tickets to the game. Remember to treat yourself like the important person you are.

Pick an Activity You Love

If your friend runs, and you feel like you should run with them, but you hate running, just don’t. It’s great to want to support your friend; but if you indulge in a form of exercise that you hate, you’ll end up resenting your workout time. Your friend will understand, and maybe there’s something you love that they like too!

Pick something you love. If you love swimming, find a pool that’s open when you can go. If you’re embarrassed about exercising in front of others, find something you can do in the home. Workout DVDs can be handy for this. Looking forward to your workout keeps you feeling upbeat and ready to exercise.

Remember Why You’re Doing What You’re Doing

Don’t fall into the trap of just seeing exercise as a boring habit. Remembering why you began your workout regime in the first place can be a great motivator. If you’re just starting out, try writing down your key reasons for exercising. Are you trying to improve your cardiovascular health? Do you have a specific muscle group you need to tone up? Are you trying to get in shape so that you can run around with them?

Whatever your reasons, make a note of them. Any time you are feeling demotivated, take those notes out, and recall the feeling you had when you wrote them. Entering this mindset will help spur you on to even greater achievements.

The Link Between Pre-Workouts and Your Mind


Pre-workout are a popular supplement for fitness fans. They have one primary goal: to make workouts more effective. Pre-workouts improve focus, energy, or performance, and this can be for either your body or your mind.

Your mindset is as important as your body’s physical fitness when you’re exercising. Exercise is tough on the body and the mind. All that mental focus is tiring and maintaining motivation and a positive attitude, as we have seen above, can be challenging when pushing yourself to the limit. Pre-workouts help sustain the effectiveness of both body and brain, helping support both physical and mental health.

What Does Pre-Workouts Do?

When it comes to any exercise craze, a pre-workout seems to be involved in them all. But, it’s not just a fad; it’s an important way to get ready and prepare your body and mind for exercise. But, what is it, and what does pre-workout do?

Pre-workout supplements can contain any number of ingredients. These might be stimulants, like caffeine, designed to boost mental energy and keep you focused for longer. Other ingredients include chemicals that reduce the lactic acid build up in muscles, meaning you can work out for longer.

How Long Does Pre-Workout Last?

A common question asked about these types of supplements is. “How long does pre-workout last?” A reasonable question since the last thing you want to do is push yourself too hard and injure yourself.

How long pre-workouts last depends on several factors. These include:

  • Level of hydration
  • Food eaten
  • Tiredness
  • Tolerance- different bodies react differently to different ingredients
  • Other substances in the body e.g. alcohol or medicines

Those who take pre-workouts regularly may develop a tolerance to them, meaning the supplement might not last for as long. As a general guideline, pre-workouts typically work for between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. But this changes from person to person. See what works for you.

Best Pre-Workouts for Men

There are many popular pre-workout supplements out there, many of them aimed at men who love to visit the gym. Some of them are designed to give a burst of energy for pumping iron and pushing through boundaries. Others are filled with fruit and vegetable extracts to boost internal health and keep the mind focused.

Pre-Kaged is hailed as one of the best pre-workouts for men. Billed as a “revolutionary food supplement,” it contains muscle fuel, hydrating ingredients, and creatine- an amino acid which allows the body to produce energy rapidly.

HHH: Best Pre-Workouts for Women

Women and men are different physiologically, although they both work as hard at the gym. The physical differences mean that the best pre-workout for women is going to be very different from the best pre-workout for men.

Some women might find that a pre-workout without caffeine will be beneficial. PowHer is an example of a pre-workout for women. It supports intense workouts and improves motivation without any reported side effects. Some users also consider it the best pre-workout for weight loss, simply because it allows women to train harder, for longer, thus achieving their toning up or weight loss goals.

Do Pre-Workouts Have Any Downsides?

Every individual reacts differently to different exercise regimes and supplements. Pre workouts might work really well for some people, and be less useful for others. One of the concerns that fitness fans have is about pre workout side effects.

So, are pre-workout supplements bad for you? The main downside is found when using pre-workouts containing high amounts of stimulants, such as caffeine. Caffeine can cause a crash effect. This means that sometime after taking the pre-workout supplement, the body starts to feel really run down and tired.

This is the body’s natural but unfortunately adverse reaction to the stimulant leaving the system. Your body has become used to the extra boost of energy it was enjoying. So, when that jolt runs out, you may feel low, fatigued, and used up. Other side effects of caffeine include shakes, jitters, and anxiety. It really does affect everyone differently, so again, it’s always best to see what works for you. If you experience negative side effects, you can always try a different pre-workout supplement.

How to Incorporate Pre-Workouts Into Your Routine

This is the easy bit. If you decide to take a pre-workout supplement, it’s just a case of incorporating it into your daily routine. Find a supplement that benefits you and works well with your exercise regime. You can go for longer, work harder, and get that wonderful sense of satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

Just remember, supplements are only as effective as the mindset you have when using them. Staying positive, appreciating your body and how hard it works, and allowing yourself to enjoy your exercise sessions are the key to effective workouts.


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