Squat Challenge

30-Day Squat Challenge: Go from 0 to 200 Squats in 30 Days

30 day challenges are all the rage these days. But do they work? Research shows that a 30 day squat challenge can have significant results on your backside.
Exercises for Runners

Glute Exercises for Runners: Avoid Runner’s Butt Syndrome

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Best Time To Work Out

Best Time to Work Out: Fitting Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

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Preventing Knee Pain

The Ultimate Guide to Knee Pain

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Best Workout Apps

The Best Workout Apps to Meet Your Fitness Goals

Everything from strength training and yoga to endurance and running. You'll find the best workout apps to complement your exercise wants and needs here.
weight loss guide for teens

How to Lose Weight Fast: An Ultimate Guide for Teens

Losing weight can be hard, especially for teens. We've provided the ultimate guide on how to lose weight fast for teens who wish to attain a healthy weight.